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2019/2020 Season: We will be training each practice with athletes that you have great chemistry and communication with. Teams could change throughout the season


Tournament Schedule - This season we are going to do 6 (possible 7th) tournaments plus nationals.  All travel will have a mandatory itinerary, and will be given to the athlete, the week prior to departure.  We want the athlete to enjoy the experience, but we are there to compete, and we expect the athlete to be 100% ready mentally and physically to participate. Within the itinerary there will be mandatory check-in time, prep time prior to competition, film time after competition, team meals, of course free time (water balloon fights, dunkin the coaches in the pool, and lots of other shenanigans they can think of), and ending with mandatory curfew and lights out. 

The First season of Beach Volleyball is going on NOW! With two practices a week plus 2 days of pick-up, there is a lot of learning and fun to go around! We will be going to tournaments as a club through the season and have boys and girls with chances to win bids to nationals! We except ages 12-18. Come join the fun and learn the fastest growing sport in the nation.

This program will include a practice schedule of no less than 8 practices a month and intramural scrimmaging with coaching staff and travel teams.  The program will focus on building a foundation of proper skill sets to help the athlete achieve future goals, such as participation in travel teams and or advancement in scholastic athletics. This program will start in February when basketball season is over and we will finish at the end of May.

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