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No more than 8 athletes per practice. Any more makes it difficult for each athlete to get the most out of the training.
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Welcome to Cape Fear's Beach Home!

Midtown Courts: 2277 Grand Ave Ft. Myers, FL.

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Meet our Director: Cody Dunn 

"The ultimate goal is to teach the love and passion I have for this sport to others!"

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Club Philosophy

Cape Fear Beach Volleyball is firm in our commitment to hard work and positive reinforcement to produce the well rounded athlete. We will use active teaching techniques and personalized short and long term goal setting. We believe this will help spring board the young athlete into society with the work ethic and morality to be successful in all endeavors. Our philosophy is based upon positive feedback teaching methods, not negative consequence reinforcement.  


We offer advanced coaching techniques, including video sessions for technique analysis and conditioning and stretching sessions to avoid injury. We feel video analysis is critical. The young athlete needs visual feedback in the learning process. We believe stretching and conditioning are critical components of the athletes overall skill.  All types of stretches (static, dynamic, passive and active) will be learned and used at the appropriate times of our work-outs and practices. Conditioning will be intertwined within practice, and addressed individually for the optimum results for each athlete. Learning the skill of volleyball is important, but continuing to build your body for high levels of play is just as important.