Cape Fear originated from two coaches (coach Brad and coach Cody) that were both ready to help young athletes thrive in a positive and fun environment since that's what the game is all about. They both came from situations in travel ball that they didn't feel was a healthy way to run things, so 1 year later, after many discussions, Cape Fear was born. Starting late in the season and not knowing how many girls they could actually get, they had free tryouts and before you know it, they formed 2 teams and had 30 girls in the developmental program! Thanks to the positive comments from players and parents and low prices, Cape Fear was well on its way! Year 2 we formed 3 teams added coaches with decades of experience and love for the game. WE had 3 tournament wins (gold) 2 Silver wins, and multiple second place finishes.  Is is year 3,and we continue to grow, with suprises to come, such as a beach program, more teams, and more clinics and private lessons available.  


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