* Everything for now is postponed until further notice.

We are aware of the concerns of the Corona Virus and are working with the city to make sure the facility is as clean as possible to keep you and our coaches safe. That being said, DO NOT COME TO PRACTICE IF YOU ARE SICK! We know you love the game and don't want to miss a day of practice, but everyone's health is at the top of the priority list at this time! Also, you must have an AAU membership to participate.

Welcome to Cape Fear's Beach Home!

We are happy to announce our very first season of beach has started! Sign up below for drop-in's!


We practice Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-6 P.M. and have open play on Saturday and Sun!

All of this practice and coaching for a cheap price!


1. Pay monthly for a flat fee of 200$ for a total of up to 16 days of beach a month! (8 coached and 8 open sand)

2. Drop in any day during the week for $30!

Pre-Register Here for Beach sessions!

Upcoming Season

Coach Cody Dunn (Head Coach)   Coach Keith White (Assistant Coach)

Practices Tuesday and Thursday (3:30-6pm) and open Play on weekends.

Each practice will be fully planned out to specific skills from beg. to adv.

Starting in March/April we will be making tournament teams!

Any questions just ask Coach Cody at or 239-887-1997


Questions? Please Contact us!

This page does not notify us of a question, and this affects our response time.

Contact Info

Coach Brad: 239-849-1452

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