This weeks Challenges. 4/20/20 Results are in!!!

Updated: Apr 26

Results - Noone reported on the hand set challenge or bump pass challenge.

disappointing. one day left

Bea was tied last minute. Bea had just over 4 minutes and Savanna came

in at 4 minutes and 5 seconds. I would say a tie. we will have to have contest

when we are together.

Jump rope, noone beat coach Brad on this one. Carlee came very close, so

proud of that. Not easy, and take some skill and conditioning. Nice job.

1) How long can you hold a plank? On your elbows. no wiggling, no side to side, body stays level. Coach Brad did 3 minutes 4 seconds. If you can beat that, send me a video, I will post.

2) How many jump rope jumps can you do in a row without a mistake? Coach Brad did 247. If you can beat that, send me a video and I will post.

3) Bump pass and hand sets. How many can you do? I have not tried this one. Hailey did it. If you beat her, I will let you know and post your video. You have a week from today to try these challenges. Ready, GO!!!



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