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Full List of NCAA Beach Colleges (D1,D2,D3, NAIA)

This is a great link to see the full list of colleges that offer Beach Volleyball.

D1: There are about 54 D1 colleges to choose from and more growing every year! D1 is for the highest level of play and the best college athletes to compete. Since this is the highest level of play, you should start your recruiting journey earlier than the rest, before junior year.

D2: There are 11 D2 Schools right now with more joining the ranks every year! The biggest difference between D1 and D2 is the roster size, facilities and money put towards the sport.

D3: There are currently 3 D3 schools that offer competitive play, but remember that D3 schools typically do not offer athletic scholarships, but offer financial aid in other ways.

NAIA: There are 2 NAIA schools offering Beach. This is a chance for a very unique experience because these schools are handcuffed by the NCAA rules.

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